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Get a custom Kymbu website built, hosted and maintained by our web design experts.

Plans and Pricing

Our design packages have been designed to help you achieve success online at an affordable rate. Please compare the features and choose the package that best suits your needs.



  • 10-page website
  • 3 Revisions
  • 5 Days Turnaround
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Personal design consultant



  • 10-page website
  • 3 Revisions
  • 5 Days Turnaround
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Personal design consultant
  • Custom-built web template

* Please note our Website Builder packages are not included within the design service prices above. Find out more about our different website builder plans now.


  • How does Kymbu Web Design service work?
  • Once you've selected a package, you'll chose a theme that is right for you and give your personal web consultant the basic information about your website requirements.

    Then you simply provide our Web Services Team with all necessary content and images and we'll handle everything else. If you don't have any images, we can select professional images from our image library that will fit your site perfectly.

    Our designers will build a website that communicates your brand and fits your needs in a few days.

  • Who can use the Kymbu Web Design service?
  • Our service is perfect for all kinds of small businesses looking to create an effective web presence, non-profits such as religious organisations who want a great website, or just about anyone who wants an amazing new website that is easy to maintain.

  • Will I be able to update my website?
  • Once your site is published, you can make quick updates at any time with our easy-to-use drag and drop site builder. You can log in to your account and make website updates such as adding text, changing images or creating new pages on the fly.

  • Why is your web design service so cheap? Is there a catch?
  • Absolutely no catch. Kymbu offers a website publishing platform that allows our web designers to create and publish a website at a much faster and cheaper rate so we are simply passing on our low costs to you by offering our services at such a low price.

    Our stated goal is to help people build websites without any programming skills or a huge budget and we aim to achieve that by helping our clients build effective and beautiful websites that will impact the growth of their businesses

  • Why should I choose Kymbu Website Design?
  • Our Web Services team will help you create a web design that can increase your business credibility, attract more visitors, and ultimately add to the growth of your business.

    The best part is you won't have to wait months to get it because we can get your site up as quickly as in one week, so that you can get your focus back to running your business.

    Also, our website design service is backed by our world-class customer service.

  • Can I make changes while my website is being built?
  • Definitely! You can contact your web consultant at any point and review the site as it stands currently. Your feedback is always welcome as it would help our designers build you a website that you'll be proud to share with the world

  • Do I need a separate hosting plan?
  • No, you do not need a separate hosting account. However, you will need to have a Kymbu website builder plan in order to to have your site published and visible on the internet as your website will be built on the Kymbu platform.

    With plans starting from as little as ₦15,000/year, you will have access to our drag and drop site builder with tools that allow you to add more pages, make updates to your design, and create more site content. You also get access to thousands of professional stock images and useful web apps. Every plan also comes with a custom domain name and email addresses to make your website look even more professional.

  • Will you help me write content or create graphics for my website?
  • No, we don't create content for our clients. However, by filling the questionnaire sent to you after you request the web design service, you will be helping us map out and collect site content that you will be required to send to us.

    Don't worry if you do not have images as we can include beautiful images from our extensive library to make your website stand out. We will however, help you optimize (resize, crop, etc) any images you send to us to include on your website.

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